taking focused notes

Want your students to retain what they learn? Here are five tips on teaching focused note-taking to ensure success!

Five Useful Tips on How to Teach Students Focused Note-Taking

College Readiness Skills

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Here are five things to cover with your students so college costs don’t hold them back.

How to Pay for College: What Students Must Know About Affording College

Financial Aid

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Here are four classroom icebreakers guaranteed to improve the learning environment in your class!

4 Meaningful Icebreakers for High School Students That Really Work

Team Building & Motivation

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Here’s all you need to know to teach students how to write a personal statement! Great tips included!

How Can You Help Your Students Write an Awesome Personal Statement?

The Personal Statement

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Need some career exploration ideas? Here are six steps you can follow to help your students choose a career they’ll love!

Six Surefire Steps to Help Your Students Choose Careers

Career Exploration

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Your students will not be wondering “Is college worth it?” if you do any of these 10 things to promote college readiness.

Promote College Readiness: 10 Ways to Get Students Excited About College

College Awareness

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16 Essential Lessons to Get Your Students College and Career Ready!

College and Career Readiness Curriculum Planning Guide

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