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I know how hard it can be to find good college and career readiness resources.
This is why I used my 30 years of experience, including 10 years as an AVID teacher, and created all my own engaging interactive Google Slides presentations, worksheets, rubrics, and project-based lessons.
I've already put in all the work, so make your life easier and check out my resources! Keep reading to learn more!

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How do you prepare students for college when they aren't even sure if they want to go? You can't just tell them it's the right thing to do! No, they need to know all their options and figure this out on their own! Read more on this blog post!

Is college worth it?

How do I get into college?

There is so much to cover to ensure your students will be college-ready and get into colleges that suit them and their aspirations. Where do you even begin? I have a lesson for this too! And yes, it's a digital resource!

what your students are probably wondering: 

How do I choose a career?

A lot goes into choosing a career, from exploring interests and abilities to finding career matches and doing further research. I have the perfect interactive career exploration resources to help you with this!

Start with your students' needs...

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5E Lesson Design

The 5E lesson design is an inquiry-based approach based on the constructivist learning theory and the learning cycle, which suggests that people construct knowledge and meaning from experiences, application, and reflection. All my lessons include all phases of the 5E design in one slide deck (similar to a Hyperdoc, which takes students through the learning cycle using hyperlinks and other media). 

Active Participation

My products embrace explicit instructional practice and include lessons that get all students to engage. For example:
• low-risk questions that will get the whole class to easily answer (e.g., drag the dot to thumbs up or down on a Pear Deck slide)
• open-ended questions requiring “think-write-pair-share,” which gives students time to think and write about their answers before sharing.

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Collaborative work engages students because it increases motivation and creates an “atmosphere of achievement” when students feel responsible for helping each other learn. My Google Slides presentations include many opportunities for students to collaborate, either in pairs, groups, Socratic Seminars, or Philosophical Chairs.
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some features of my lessons:

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"My students loved, loved, loved the pear decks. It allowed us to have great conversations and got them thinking! Thank you!"


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Need free reading material for engaging discussions on college and career readiness? I got you!

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